RODON: Video 4, Decision Trees for Troubleshooting

Functionality, costs and reliability are esssential criteria during architecure definition, as shown in the last video.

Another important issue for keeping operational costs and effort low – and the customer of your product happy – is a good diagnostic strategy and knowhow.

Do you really have a good understanding on the relevance of individual measurements of local states and how they help to confirm or release “suspect” parts in your system?

Are your diagnostic procedures based on solid, systematic and reusable knowledge that may guide your technician quickly to the root-cause – or is your authoring process still dependent on the “skill and mood” of the individual writer?

In the video below you see a fully automated process for modelbased generation of decision-trees, based on the same qualitative system-description of a train-coach as used in the last example.

The same! – Means: Reuse of the same knowledge-representation, often used by different teams in early and late stages in the system development process!

Here are some features that are shown in the video:

  • Systematic batch-simulations allow the evaluation of possible diagnostic strategies, i.e. the proper order of individual diagnostic steps to find the single guilty root cause.
  • Troubleshooting trees were derived automatically by some mouseclicks, allowing to get an impression of the testability and maintainability effort of this particular architecture.
  • An interactive testing emulator allows to traverse the decision tree back and forth and by highlighting the still suspective parts immediately lets you understand the relevance of decisions.

Please note:
The video has been recorded already some years ago. However, it still provides a good overview of the power and capabilities behind the approach and the tool.
Therefore we have decided to re-publish it again for you, for a limited time!
So just watch and enjoy.
And if you want to know more about modelbased technology that was already state-of-the-art 20 years ago, feel free to check some of the papers collected here.
Or to contact us by replying to the email that brought you here!
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