RODON by Combitech

“The unique RODON® software tool enables an effective and efficient engineering process for complex technical systems. Based on mathematical engineering data it computes optimal architectures, performs reliability analyses such as FMEA and FTA, generates diagnostic knowledge such as Compiled Models and Diagnostic Decision Trees (DTs) and it generates diagnostic results by applying interactive Model Based Diagnostics (MBD) or Compiled Model Based Diagnostics. All these results are achieved in a highly automated process.

RODON is a Model Based Reasoning (MBR) tool. Consequently, whatever one does with RODON is centered around the Virtual Product Model (VPM). It reflects the basic RODON philosophy that there is one technical system represented in the model, however, many different views on it represented in the software modules and packages either helping to generate or to analyze the model.”

(from the vendor’s product description)


RODON Logo“By applying traditionally produced troubleshooting information usually only up to 40% of the root causes are detected. With RODON this number can be increased significantly. Up to 99% of E/E- and mechnical faults can be identified. The system is applied by high-technology companies like Airbus and Saab, but also by global automotive OEMs.

(from the vendor’s website)

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