RODON: Video 3, Network Topology Optimization

In the last two introductory videos you saw how modelbased diagnosis works, based on a detailed quantitative description of the system physics.

But even a more generic, rather qualitative model can be very helpful to speed up challenging tasks in the development process – in early as well as in late phases.

An example for the first case is system architecture optimization, i.e. the tricky task to find a layout with minimal costs costs which fulfills all functional requirements and is sufficiently reliable.

The example system represents a coach of a train, for that the proper selection and connectivity of sensors, control units and actuators shall be found.

Here are some features that are shown in the video:

  • The functional model was not specified completely, but some degrees of freedom were still open. Here, the decision to activate or deactivate individual routing paths for the sensor signal wires was left to the optimization engine.
  • Taking into account geometrical properties, specific component masses and costs, the globally best solution was desired, minimizing the total costs of the design while simultaneously fulfilling safety and reliability demands.
  • Costs, masses, reliability figures, geometrical and other properties of the various designs were easily comparable and visualized.
  • General knowledge about components and their intended role within an architecture was captured in the documentation, making the model to a visual knowledge base.

Please note:

The video has been recorded already some years ago. However, it still provides a good overview of the power and capabilities behind the approach and the tool.
Therefore we have decided to re-publish it again for you, for a limited time!
So just watch and enjoy.

And if you want to know more about modelbased technology that was already state-of-the-art 20 years ago, feel free to check some of the papers collected here.

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