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Solving the diagnostic problem

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Thank you for your interest in modelbased technologies, that may help you to solve also non-trivial diagnostic problems.

In [part 1] of the intro-video the question remained, which local component-faults could be an explanantion to the strange symptom-pattern on highest functional system-level, single or in combination.

To find out, the observations are simply assigned to the appropriate model-variables at the end of the functional chain - the actuators.
In the applied modeling approach there is no need to stick to a certain model-internal assumption of causality.

Simulating this "over-determined" system then leads to the following picture,
the so-called "conflict-path":

Conflict path of the system, after specifying top-symptoms and performing a simulation


How precisely are the root-causes automatically determined and which ones actually are the "guilty" ones?

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It shows the solution plus an outlook to some extra features of the technology​, like power flow analysis, mechatronical application, fault tree generation and FMEA support

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Please note:

The modeling technology ​is available already since many years and the video has been recorded ​with an earlier version of the tool. 
However, it still provides a good overview of the power and capabilities behind the approach and the tool.
Therefore we have decided to re-publish it again for you, for a limited time!
So just watch and enjoy.

And if you want to know more about modelbased technology that was already state-of-the-art 20 years ago, feel free to check some of the papers collected here.

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